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We just got back into town, with this week's paper. They are being delivered to newsstands right now and are available in the office. If you receive your paper through the mail, they will be sent out from the post offices tomorrow. Thank you for your patience.

The Brownwood press that prints our papers had equipment break last night. Unfortunately the Coleman Chronicle & DV has not yet been printed. We have been told it will be printed some time today. We will get your papers to you as soon as we can. Thank you for your patience.


Early voting started yesterday.

The new law enforcement center is among other items on the ballot.

Jay Moses - Statement to the Voters

Jay Moses - Statement to the Voters

I am Jay Moses and I have dedicated my life’s work, 42 years, to law enforcement and the Citizens of Coleman and the State of Texas.  You, the Voters, have allowed me to serve as your Chief of Police, by consecutive terms, since 2005.  It is my extreme honor and privilege to run again for the upcoming Coleman Chief of Police Election.  As your elected Chief I will continue to work alongside and supervise the dedicated Officers of the Coleman Police Department; the Dispatchers of the County-wide Telecommunications 9-1-1 Center; and, Municipal Animal Control.

Commitment to Law enforcement requires a special family of supporters.  My wife, Nan, born and raised here in Coleman, and I have three children: Lacy, Jacy and Tyler.  My son, DPS Trooper Tyler Moses, is stationed here locally in Coleman County and has been in service for the last eight years.  Law enforcement has become a family heritage for us.

I have dedicated each of my years, since 1975, to public service: gaining valuable experience and knowledge in Texas Law Enforcement; teaching, coaching and mentoring up and coming Officers; honing my own professional education and technical expertise; and serving Citizens.  My life’s dedication to public service and law enforcement has kept me in this local area where I have networked and developed strong working relationships with many other local and area law enforcement agencies; having been stationed in Coleman, Brownwood and Abilene during my honorable years with the Texas Department of Public Safety, through 2005, and current service as your Chief of Police since 2005.

Since originally electing me to the Office of Coleman Chief of Police, your police department, your county-wide 9-1-1 dispatch call center, and your municipal animal control have seen positive changes which I fully intend to continue:  Police Department moved into its current, more modern facility; 9-1-1 call center received and put into use upgraded equipment; modernized digital surveillance equipment and computer technology for employees; Animal Control Shelter was upgraded and received certification from the Texas Department of Health; Police Officers received electronic control devices, or Tasers©, to enhance Officer and suspect safety;  Officers also receive and put to use body-worn cameras; two new vehicles were added to the fleet, while others have been properly maintained to sustain cost effectiveness; just under 4,000 local, Class C Warrants have been served and cleared; the Coleman Police Department has worked alongside the Texas Rangers, Texas DPS, Coleman County Sheriff, and other area agencies to detect, deter, disrupt, and stop the flow and usage of illegal drugs; drunk driving; impaired driving; and school zone offenses to protect the good Citizens of this City, County and State.  These are ongoing enforcement activities, requiring skill and patience, and I am dedicated to the work required.

I strongly desire to use my 42 years of knowledge and experience as a Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Certified Master Peace Officer to do my absolute best for the Citizens of Coleman as your Chief of Police.  Thank you for this opportunity to continue to serve the Citizens of this great community.  I appreciate your support and sincerely thank you for your vote.

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Anthony Smith - Statement to the Voters

Anthony Smith - Statement to the Voters

I am Anthony Smith and I am a candidate for Chief of Police. In October of this year, I will celebrate my 25th year in law enforcement, 14 of those years serving you - as a member of the Coleman Police Department. I have been certified by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement as a Master Peace Officer, Instructor and Firearms Instructor. I am also a member of the International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors.

My family and I have dedicated our lives to serving our community. My wife, Lorri, was born and raised in Coleman and has taught at Coleman Elementary since 1997. We have four children, our oldest, Zayne, graduated Coleman High School, he is now married and has one son. Zayne is an active member of the Menard Volunteer Fire Department. Mason and Mackenzie are seniors and will graduate this May. Mason is a Soldier in the United States Army Reserves, and a member of the Coleman Fire Department. After completing his Army training, this coming summer, Mason plans on attending Cisco college and earning a degree in Fire Science. Mackenzie has recently attended CNA classes and is working at Holiday Hill Nursing Home. After graduation, she will be attending Schreiner University, where she will be working towards her degree in Aerospace Engineering. Hannah, our youngest, will be a 5th grader at Coleman Jr. High next year. Over the years, my family has been involved in 4-H, FFA, and other community organizations.

My goals as your Chief of Police are to improve all aspects of your police department, beginning by working to build a stronger bond with you, the citizens of Coleman. Updating equipment and technology is an important aspect that needs improvement. I campaigned for eight years in an attempt to provide Tasers© to the officers of Coleman PD. This equipment was a much needed addition to officer safety. When the purchase was approved, I researched and wrote the department’s policy for their use. Last year, after the purchase was authorized by the city council, I researched, wrote specifications and negotiated with the upfitter for the lowest purchase price for two new patrol vehicles. These were the first new vehicles purchased for the department in five years, allowing us to finally retire a 16 year old patrol unit. I have also recently worked diligently, with great assistance from the city’s IT department, to upgrade and replace the departments server and reporting software. These improvements, which were desperately needed, show a need for improved and more timely technology and equipment policies. More importantly, the need for increasing the enforcement of illegal drug activity is paramount. I plan on accomplishing this by providing increased training for officers, tough, proactive street level enforcement of all crimes and specifically focusing on department initiated investigations of those trafficking drugs in our community.

Coleman has been our home for many years, our children were born and raised here, and it is my sincere desire to make Coleman as safe as possible for our citizens and their families. I appreciate the opportunity to continue to serve our community and I will work hard to become YOUR Chief of Police if elected. I sincerely thank you for your support and appreciate your vote!


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Traffic stop leads to arrest 

Traffic stop leads to arrest 

On April 20th 2017, while on patrol an Officer noticed a vehicle that was traveling at a speed that was above the posted speed limit.

A traffic stop was made in the 800 block of highway 84.  Upon approach to the vehicle the Officer could smell a strong odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle. A probable cause search was done on the vehicle and a small amount of marijuana was found by the passenger door that lead the Officer to believe that there may have been more that was thrown out the window. A baggie with more marijuana was found on the ground outside the vehicle by the passenger’s door.  The passenger admitted that the marijuana belonged to her.

Twenty-one year old Daci Humphrey of Miami Texas was arrested and booked into the Coleman City Jail for a class B misdemeanor Possession of Marijuana and a 3rd degree felony for Tampering with Evidence.  Humphrey is considered innocent until proven guilty. 

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Coleman Police Department weekly reports

Thursday April 6, 2017
05:28 Disturbance in the 600 Blk E 10th St.
16:12 One female arrested for Coleman Municipal Warrants.
17:43 Residential burglary alarm in the 700 Blk W Pecan St.
23:28 Disturbance in the 700 Blk E 7th St.

Friday April 7, 2017
00:56 Aggressive dog in the 400 Blk W 9th St.
06:27 Theft of a trailer in the 100 Blk Santa Anna Ave.
11:17 Livestock out on Santa Anna Ave.
12:09 Civil dispute in the 1000 Blk W Mesquite St.
12:13 Criminal trespass warning request in the 100 Blk W College St.
15:44 Harassment in the 300 Blk E 7th St.
19:16 Aggressive dog in the 500 Blk Needham St.
19:45 Drug activity in the Coleman City Park.
20:12 Livestock out at the intersection of N Blanco and the Railroad Tracks.
21:48 Assist motorist on Hwy 84 Bypass.
21:59 Suspicious activity in the 700 Blk W 6th St.

Saturday, April 8, 2017
16:52 Two vehicle accident at the intersection of 10th St and Neches St.
19:40 Domestic Disturbance in the 110 Blk W College St.
20:48 Noise complaint in the 500 Blk S Concho St.
21:31 Disturbance in the 110 Blk W College St.
21:36 Suspicious noise in the 200 Blk E 2nd St.
22:03 Suspicious activity on the crossing of the Railroad tracks and N Neches St.
22:32 Assault family violence in the 200 Blk W College St.
22:55 One female arrested for Assault Family Violence.
23:11 Noise complaint in the 200 Blk Trinity St.

Sunday, April 9, 2017
00:42 Suspicious subject in the 700 Blk W 6th St.
07:35 Abandoned dog in the 110 Blk Brush St.
09:18 Vandalism of a vehicle in the 200 Blk Vale St.
10:48 Bee attack on animals in the 400 Blk W Mesquite St.
13:39 Found dog in the 1200 Blk 5th Ave.
14:36 Harassment in the 400 Blk W Mesquite St.
15:02 Information in the 700 Blk W 6th St.
15:34 Reckless Driver on S Commercial Ave.
18:42 Suspicious vehicles on Hwy 84 Bypass.
19:12 Disturbance in the 100 Blk Santa Anna Ave.

Monday, April 10, 2017
00:27 Burglary of a building in the 100 Blk Guadalupe St.
00:55 One male arrested for Burglary of a building.
04:27 Civil stand by in the 100 Blk N Concho St.
09:26 Dogs running loose in the Coleman Jr High Parking lot.
09:53 Harassment in the 2000 Blk S Commercial Ave.
10:31 Suspicious subject in the1000 Blk Hwy 84 Bypass.
14:22 Dog bite in the 1300 Blk Hillcrest St.
15:58 Threats in the 2500 Blk S Commercial Ave.
16:14 One female arrested for Possession of a controlled substance X3 in a drug free zone and tampering with evidence.
16:15 One male arrested for Possession of a controlled substance X3 in a drug free zone, tampering with evidence, and Coleman Municipal warrants.
17:05 Harassment in the 100 Blk N Concho St.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017
03:35 Welfare check in the 1300 Blk W Hill Lane.
10:59 Criminal mischief in the 500 Blk W Walnut St.
23:31 Suspicious subject in the intersection of Roselawn St and Guadalupe St.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017
00:59 Shoplifting in the 500 Blk S Commercial Ave.
03:12 Suspicious subject in the 1400 Blk 84 Bypass.
08:07 Commercial burglary alarm in the 120 Blk Santa Anna Ave.
13:37 Domestic Disturbance in the 300 Blk S Neches St.
15:10 Suspicious subject in the 200 Blk E 2nd St.
18:40 Suspicious subjects in the 1800 Blk S Frio St.
21:51 Found property in the 700 Blk W 6th St.

CJHS Students of the Month - April

CJHS Students of the Month - April

Members of the Coleman Junior High School chapter of the National Junior Honor Society recently voted on students of the month for April. To be considered for student of the month, a student must be nominated by his or her teachers. Students must be hard workers, have passing grades, act respectfully to teachers and peers in the classroom and in the hallway, and exhibit good behavior when involved in extra-curricular activities.

Congratulations to April Students of the Month:
5th Grade Girl: Felicity Hale
5th Grade Boy: Braden Diaz
6th Grade Girl: Avery Wardlow
6th Grade Boy: Braden Cloud
7th Grade Girl: Jordan Rae
7th Grade Boy: Gus Allen
8th Grade Girl: Aren Gaines
8th Grade Boy: Dakota Jourdan

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CJHS "It Pays to be Present"

CJHS "It Pays to be Present"

Winners of the “It Pays to be Present” drawing held this week at Coleman Junior High School are 8th Grader Haylee West for the 4th Six Weeks and 6th Grader Dayden Hunter for the 5th Six Weeks.

A drawing for $25.00 is held each six weeks period. To be eligible for the drawing, a student must not miss a single day of school during this period. The $25.00 is provided by the student council at Coleman Junior High School. A grand prize drawing for $100.00 is held at the end of the school year. This amount is also provided by the student council. Presenting the checks to Haylee and Dayden is Student Council Secretary, Emily Taylor.

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Valera VFD acquires new brush truck with $200,000 grant

Valera VFD acquires new brush truck with $200,000 grant

April 18, 2017 ⎯  Valera, Texas ⎯ Valera Volunteer Fire Department received a $200,000 grant through Texas A&M Forest Service’s Rural Volunteer Fire Department Assistance Program. This is the first factory built fire truck in the history of the department.

“The addition of this large brush truck brought our department into the 21st  Century,” said Valera VFD Fire Chief Gary Barton. “It is automatic, has four-wheel-drive and a very extensive option package. Everything from ground sweep nozzles and water cannons that are remote control to the built-in SCBA breathing system and telescope lighting.”

The truck can carry 1500 gallons of water and has a built-in foam system. The foam used in the system makes the water go further and will smother the flames while coating the fuel. This coating will help prevent the area from re-igniting.

“This will be our first-out, multi-use vehicle,” said Barton. “It is capable of handling all types of emergency calls with fewer volunteers. Having a dual functional apparatus is a great benefit when there is a call during the day or at times when there are fewer people to respond.”

The department received training on the use of the foam system and spent time getting acquainted with driving such a long apparatus. The automatic transmission and smooth drive ability made it easy to adjust to.

Texas A&M Forest Service is committed to protecting lives and property through the Rural Volunteer Fire Department Assistance Program, a cost-share program funded by Texas State Legislature and administered by Texas A&M Forest Service. This program provides funding to rural VFDs for the acquisition of firefighting vehicles, fire and rescue equipment, protective clothing, dry-hydrants, computer systems and firefighter training.

For more information on programs offered by Texas A&M Forest Service, please visit

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Outdoor Education Event to be held next weekend

The community and families in Coleman are invited to participate in an Outdoor Education Event on April 29th at Milton Autry Memory Lake.  Activities will kick off at 10 am and will continue until 2 pm.

Participants will have the opportunity to learn to Identify different species of Fish, Cast a Rod, Try to Catch a Fish, Shoot a Bow, Play Disc Golf, Water Safety & Kayak Safety, Outdoor First Aid and Campfire Safety.  Lunch (Hot Dogs & Roasted Marshmallows) will be free to the public.

Make plans now to spend the day in the outdoors in Coleman!
For more information contact Kim Little 4B EDC Executive Director at 325-625-3669.

Citywide Cleanup Planned for City of Coleman

A clean up campaign has been planned for Coleman beginning May 6-13. This project is a result of planning by the community pride committee of Vision Coleman. A grant in the amount of $9,975 from the Coleman Community Coalition 4-B is helping fund the effort. Additional grants are being pursued at this time. Costs for disposal are expected to reach $25,000.
The Coleman City Council voted unanimously to back the effort by waiving fees at the convenience center for the duration of the week of the event. Liz Campbell, City Utilities Director, has arranged for the placement of three additional dumpsters at the convenience center. Dennis Stroebel, owner of the Shoppin Baskit, has volunteered the use of vacant property on East Walnut to place four more dumpsters. Jody Payne, Street Supervisor for the city, is directing efforts on street sweeping, brush chipping and convenience center operations for the event. David Martinez, Coleman Fire Department Fire Chief, is at work identifying debris and structures that could threaten public safety, and Connie Echols, Code Enforcement Officer, is notifying property owners who are in violation of City Code. City Manager, Paul Catoe will serve as overseer of all city government efforts, as well as compliance with existing statutes.
Mary Griffis, Chamber of Commerce Executive Director, has volunteered to serve as a call center for elderly of disabled persons who need assistance in cleaning their property or who have brush that needs to be chipped. The telephone number for the chamber is 325-625-2163. Volunteers are being sought to assist those in need and can call this number to have their name placed on the list of helpers in the project. Church groups and civic clubs are encouraged to be involved.
It should be noted that the dumpsters and use of city facilities and services are by law limited to use by residents of the City of Coleman. It should be noted that tires, batteries, paint, oil, chemicals, rocks and appliances are not allowed in the dumpsters. Negotiations are underway with recycling companies to dispose of these items and central disposal locations for them will be announced in the next week.
Residents of the city are encouraged to remove unsightly items from their properties during the cleanup, as well as, mowing tall grass and weeds from their area. It is the goal of this effort to improve the appearance of the city.

Coleman Police Department conducts successful local Warrant Round-Up

During the week of March 27th, 2017 the Coleman Police Department, under the direction of Chief Moses, conducted a local area warrant round-up.  Jail and appearance warrants, issued by the Coleman Municipal Court, were served in relation to the timing of the Great Texas Warrant Round-Up.  Participating members of the Coleman Police Department served warrants on 23 individuals, totaling 47 warrants served from March 27th through April 1st, 2017.  The warrants served were related to all types of Class C Misdemeanor Offenses of the Penal Code, Family Code, Alcoholic Beverage Code, and Traffic Code.  Many times when a local, Class C, warrant is served it can end up as the catalyst for Class A or B Misdemeanor or Felony charges for illegal drugs.

Not all of the individuals were booked and confined.  Many of the individuals were brought directly before Judge Robert J. Nash of the Coleman Municipal Court to enter pleas and make arrangements for trials, payment options, and community service.  Several were booked-in and did serve jail-time due to repeated failure to comply with court orders; wherein, judgements against the individuals were finally satisfied by time in jail.  Some jailed individuals were also allowed to perform supervised work during the day for a government or non-profit organization, rather than spending the entire time in a cell.

When an individual is cited for an offense, then that individual is given a required “on or before” appearance date to appear in court and enter a plea for the offense.  The options of Not Guilty, No Contest, and Guilty are all valid options for pleas for any alleged offense.

Many individuals simply fail to appear and enter a plea; thereby, the overall status accelerates into a bad situation very quickly.  This results in an additional offense of “violate promise to appear”; the issuance of warrants that are serviceable by any Peace Officer in the State of Texas; increases in court costs on the offenses; denial or suspension of driving privileges; and collection agency activities.

The best advice to give an individual who receives a citation or a charge by official complaint, whether in-person or by mail, is to make that required initial appearance “on or before” the required date.  Cited offenses don’t just magically go away and must eventually be answered either by voluntary appearance or with the assistance of law enforcement serving warrants.  The Municipal Court can be contacted between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday at 200 W. Liveoak, or by calling (325)625-5236 and by email to .

The days of “pay or stay” are long since gone and no longer practiced by courts.  Today’s court system allows for options to discharge or satisfy fines and court costs, rather than simply going to jail because payment cannot be immediately made.  Courts autonomously and impartially adjudicate each case with an approach that is considerate of all necessary factors for each defendant.  However, when a defendant fails to comply with the options afforded by the court, then a warrant is issued for arrest.
Warrant Service by the Coleman Police Department takes place year-round, not only during a warrant round-up period.  A designated warrant round-up period is a concerted effort of participating agencies.  Individuals are encouraged to seek closure of pending or unanswered offenses by working directly with the Coleman Municipal Court as needed and year-round.  A total of 146 warrants, issued by the Coleman Municipal Court, have been served and/or cleared since January 1st, 2017.

Chief Jay Moses, the Officers of the Coleman Police Department and The County-Wide 9-1-1 Telecommunications Dispatch Center would like to thank the outstanding citizens who aided by providing useful information to further enable this successful round-up event.  The non-emergency number to the telecommunications center is (325)625-4114.

Summer school for English language learners

Purpose:  Eligible Pre-K and Kindergarten English language learners shall have an opportunity to receive summer instruction designed to prepare them for success.

Schedule: Coleman Elementary June 5- 30, 2017 Mondays - Thursdays (no Fridays) 7:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
To participate, please register your child by May 25th at Coleman Elementary.

Propósito: Los estudiantes en el programa de Aprendices del Idioma Inglés tendrán la oportunidad de recibir instrucción diseñada para prepararlos para que tengan exito.

Horario: 5 de Junio al  30 de junio del 2017 De lunes a jueves 7:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m

Para participar, favor de inscribir a su hijo a más tarde  del 25 de mayo 2017. La registracion sera en Coleman Elementary.

Hords Creek Park is looking for Host Ambassadors!

This Position is Year Round 2017. We are currently accepting applications for positions beginning April 2017 through September 2017. Interviews to be held each month until positions are filled Volunteers are needed year round at Hord’s Creek Lake to answer questions, help check campers in and out of the campground, suggest things to do and places to go in the vicinity, and explain the campground regulations and amenities. They assist with minor repairs or maintenance as needed.

As an ambassador you will represent the Corps to our visitors and need to have a positive friendly attitude and a willingness to work with the public.  All volunteers will be required to complete a background check and a volunteer application.

Park Host Volunteers work a minimum of 20 hours per week, per site, and are provided a FREE campsite during their commitment to our team. Time commitments are flexible but we prefer those who can commit for 3-6 months.

Contact Ranger Brandon Moehrle @ (325)625-2322 for more details.

San Antonio residents arrested on drug charges in Coleman

On March 23rd 2017 off-duty Officer Zachary Holtz received a call from a citizen stating someone had tried to sell him Xanax pills at a convenience store in the 1500 block on North Neches Street.

Officer Holtz contacted on duty Officer Mason Fabbiani and provided him with the information.  Officer Holtz went on duty to assist Officer Fabbiani.  Officer Holtz arrived at the location dressed in plain clothes and in his personal vehicle.   Officer Holtz parked next to the vehicle that was described to him and got out.  The two individuals in the vehicle approached Officer Holtz and asked him if he wanted to buy some Xanax pills.  Officer Holtz then contacted Officer Fabbiani, who was waiting nearby, to come to the location where they were at.

After Officer Fabbiani arrived, 23 year old Jacquelin Rodriguez and 46 year old John Deel both of San Antonio, Texas, were arrested for a 3rd degree felony.

During a search of the vehicle, a small amount of methamphetamines were located. Both subjects were transported and booked into the Coleman City jail for a 3rd degree felony Manufacture and Delivery of a Controlled Substance Penalty Group 3 in a Drug Free Zone and a 3rd degree felony Possession of a Controlled Substance Penalty Group 1 in a Drug Free Zone. (All subjects a consider innocent until proven guilty).

The Coleman Police Department would like to thank the concerned citizen who contacted Officer Holtz and The Coleman Police Department would like to thank Officer Holtz and Officer Fabbiani for their quick reaction and hard work on this case.

Mosquito season is approaching quickly

By: Jody Payne
City of Coleman / Health & Sanitation

With the late winter and early spring rains, plus the warm temperatures already this year, it is time to get an early start on mosquito control here in Coleman and Coleman County. The mosquito life cycle is as follows: egg-larva-pupa and adult.

The key to control is to stop the cycle in the egg or larva stage. For sure before they reach an adult stage. Once the mosquito has reached adult stage, then the ability to control lessens dramatically.

So what do we need to do to have the best chance of control and have a lot less of these annoying insects biting us and have a better peace of mind about contracting diseases from these vectors? The best thing to do, is to empty every water containing pot, pan, tub, tire, etc., because this is where mosquitoes lay their eggs! Also, empty your dog and/or cat’s water bowl and the bird bath every 2 to 3 days, and then once a month scrub it clean before refilling it to make sure there are no larva clinging to the edges of the bowls. It’s not really feasible to empty cattle troughs and such but there are larvicides that when applied correctly according to the directions will not harm people, other mammals or other aquatic life.

Also, let the City know if you see low lying areas holding water so we can treat those areas or get in contact with the land owner. This needs to be a collaborated effort to keep a better control on our mosquito problem. Stopping the life cycle of the mosquito before it reaches the adult stage is the top priority goal for everyone who lives in and around the city in order to have a more comfortable and worry-free spring and summer.


Drivers urged to use caution in unsafe driving conditions

Drivers urged to use caution in unsafe driving conditions

By David Martinez
Special to the
Coleman Chronicle & DV

An early morning motor collision involving 3 vehicles occurred in Valera on Friday morning at the US 67 / FM 503 intersection. The Coleman Sheriff’s Department, Valera Volunteer Fire Department, Coleman Fire Department, Santa Anna Volunteer Fire Department, Heart of Texas EMS, Texas DPS, and the Texas Game Warden all responded to the scene.

A truck pulling a trailer loaded with a jeep was traveling east on US Hwy 67 when a pickup driven by local teens was attempting to cross the highway on their way to Panther Creek High School struck the truck in the FM 503 intersection. The collision also involved a vehicle traveling north on FM 503. Heavy fog in the area reduced visibility and was a factor in the accident.

The accident caused the truck pulling the jeep to strike and knock down a power pole next to the intersection which came to rest on the jeep and trailer. The pole falling resulted in damage to an additional 8 AEP poles and the loss of electric service to many area residents. The downed lines kept traffic detoured until mid-afternoon.
Although there were 3 vehicles with multiple occupants, there were no serious injuries and no patients were transported by EMS.

As mentioned, heavy fog in the area was a direct factor in the collision. The pick-up attempting to cross Hwy 67 was unable to see the oncoming traffic traveling on Hwy 67. This accident serves as a reminder of driver safety during foggy conditions.
Always slow down! Driving at normal highway speeds in foggy conditions can be very dangerous so try to allow extra time for arrival as speeds are reduced.
Use low beams while driving through fog. Using headlights alerts other vehicles of your presence on the road and improves visibility somewhat. Do not use high beams as they will actually obscure visibility as the light is reflected back to the driver.

Turn down music and roll down windows! When visibility is severely limited, turning down the stereo and rolling a window down can help identify approaching vehicles and cross traffic.

As ever, put down your cell phone! While cell phones distract whenever used while driving, during times of limited or no visibility, they can be extremely dangerous.

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Farm Bureau Scholarship

All Coleman County graduating high school seniors whose families are Farm Bureau members are invited and encouraged to apply for the 2016-2017 Coleman County Farm Bureau Annual Scholarship., It is not necessary for a student to be planning ot major in an agricultural field of studies to be eligible. The amount of the scholarship is $500.

Please call 325-625-2361 for an application or pick one up at your local Farm Bureau office at 114 S. Concho. Scholarship applications must be received by April 25, 2017 by 5 p.m.

2017-2018 CJHS Cheerleaders announced

Coleman Junior High School would like to announce the 2017-2018 CJHS Cheerleaders.

(L-R) 7th grade: Linda Kugle, Carlie Cope, Payton Garrett, Brylei Gilbreath.

8th grade: Emily Taylor, Abby Stovall, Aislyn Cox, Carlie Tibbetts.

2017-2018 CJHS Cheerleaders announced

Traffic stop leads to arrest for Child support warrant and drug charges

Traffic stop leads to arrest for Child support warrant and drug charges

On March 1, 2017 Officers with the Coleman Police Department arrested 43 year old Jack Lee Davis, of Coleman, for possession of a controlled substance (methamphetamine) and a Coleman County warrant issued by the Attorney General’s Office for delinquent child support.

Davis was arrested after he was pulled over for a traffic violation.  During the contact with officers, Davis admitted to having drug paraphernalia in his possession.  Davis later admitted that he had a bag with methamphetamines in his sock.

Davis was transported to the Coleman city jail for a third degree felony of possession of controlled substance in penalty group 1 greater that 1 ounce, but less than 4 ounces, the Attorney General warrant for delinquent child support, possession of drug paraphernalia and no valid driver’s license.  (All subjects are presumed innocent until proven guilty)

If you suspect illegal activity in your neighborhood please contact your local Police or Sheriff’s Department.   

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List of candidates for upcoming May election continues to grow

By Tommy Wells
Coleman Chronicle & DV

One thing is for certain in Coleman County, when residents head to the polls in May for the 2017 General Election, they'll have no shortage of names to choose from to fill vital local city and school positions.

A total of seven Coleman County residents have filed with the city clerk's office as of Monday, Feb. 6, to run in the municipal and Coleman Independent School District elections. Candidates have until Feb. 17 to file for area races.

One of the bigger positions to be determined by voters will be the role as mayor on the Coleman City Council. As of Monday, only one candidate, financier Tommy Sloan, had filed for the position, which is currently being held by Nick Poldrack.

Poldrack has served as mayor on multiple occasions, but has not filed for re-election.

Sloan currently works for the Coleman branch of InterBank.

Coleman voters will also be looking to fill two positions on the ciyt countil on May 6.

Bobby McGee and Sharlene Taylor Hetzel have both filed hte necessary paperwork to be on the ballot. McGee is seeking the East Ward Place 3 position, which is currently held by councilman Gary Payne.

Payne had not filed for re-election as of press time.

Hetzel threw her hat into the ring las week for the West Ward Place 2 position.

Councilwoman Carolyn Merriman announced earlier this week that she would not be seeking re-election and asked to have  her name removed from consideration.

In the race for chief of police position with the Coleman Police Department, tow candidates have filed for the ballot, including Jay Moses, the current chief of police, and Anthony Smith, who is a sergeant with the CPD.

In the CISD election, Mar Martinez has announced he will be seeking re-election to the Place 2 seat on the school board. Martinez, who has served on the school board since 2008, currently serves as the CISD Board of Trustees president. Additionally, Jody Payne has filed to run for re-election for Place 1 seat on the Coleman ISD Board of Trustees. Payne has served since 2002.

Chamber Chat

Chamber Chat

We know we definitely live in Texas!  If you want for the weather to change, just sit back and wait a minute, it will definitely change.  But with sunshine comes smiles on faces as we see people walking down the street and shopping in our stores and greeting each other as only small towns can do.  Coleman is a friendly place where people love to come and enjoy our slower pace of life.

March is the month for our Chamber Membership Drive.  Chamber Directors will be making personal contacts during the month of March to enroll more individuals, business firms, churches and organizations.  Any citizen interested in helping develop Coleman and Coleman County is eligible to be a member of the Chamber of Commerce.

For the month of February we will be spotlighting DB Land Improvement.  DB Land Improvement was founded in 2004 by David and Tracy Barnett.  David has over 30 years experience in dirt construction, and started running equipment on heavy highway construction in the 80’s.  He gained much experience by working for Brown & Root USA, while building the OH Ivie Reservoir and has run heavy equipment on numerous job sites all over the state since that time.

Our company specializes in road construction from ranch roads, building pads, parking lots, hauling materials, and land clearing.   We provide services in Coleman, Coleman County and the surrounding counties.

Please call us for any of your dirt construction needs at 325-625-1879.

The Chamber of Commerce is open from 9 AM to 4 PM Monday through Thursday and 9 AM – 12 Noon on Friday.  We are located at 218 Commercial Ave., Coleman, Texas and our phone number is 325-625-2163.  We invite you to stop by and visit us any time.

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CCF funds help CPD unveil body cameras

CCF funds help CPD unveil body cameras

By Tommy Wells
Coleman Chronicle & DV

The Coleman Police Department is about to go digital in an effort to better serve and protect the residents of the community.

Coleman Police Chief Jay Moses said a recent donation from the Coleman Community Foundation would soon make it possible for local officers to begin wearing body cameras. The new cameras, which will be issued to uniformed officers, will enable law enforcement officials to record vital information from crime scenes, as well as improve the efficiency and safety of officers.

“We are very thankful to the Coleman Community Foundation for giving us the grant,” said Moses. “They will be useful. This will not only protect the officer, but it will provide evidence for investigations that we can use to make Coleman a safer community.”

The CCF recently donated $7,280 to help the police department purchase eight digital recording cameras that can be attached to an officer’s uniform. During a incident, officers can touch a button on the device and record up to 10 hours of information.

The new cameras, which weigh less than 1 pound were purchased from Watch Guard, a Dallas-based company that also produced vehicle cameras.
Moses said he hopes to have all uniformed officers utilizing the new cameras within the next two weeks.
“This is a good tool for both the officer and the community,” said Moses, who has served as the chief of police in Coleman for the past 12 years. “In the past, if someone happened, it would be to officer’s word against the others. Now, we will be able to go look at the video.”

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